ORCA’s aim is to connect the community so that our residents are resilient, prepared and know the people in their community.  Events such as the ones listed below are ways we can connect with each other – and learn things as well.

ORCA Events

2- 5pm, 22 September 2091:   Emergency Preparedness Expo, Khandallah Town Hall

7- 9pm, 29 October 2019:  Living Sustainably 2019, Khandallah Town Hall

3pm, 3 November 2019: Responsible Dog Owners Talk, Khandallah Town Hall

7pm, 6 December 2019: ORCA Christmas Party, Khandallah Town Hall

10am-2pm, 8 December 2019: Khandallah Village Fair, Ganges Road

11am – 4pm, 14 February, 2020:  Khandallah Park Community Picnic


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