HEADER OR FOOTER EMERGENCY EXPOCome to the ORCA Emergency Preparedness Expo on Sunday 22 September 2-5pm at the Khandallah Town Hall. This free event is an afternoon when the experts share their tips and ideas about how to be prepared and what to do on an emergency. There will be an array of speakers as well as displays and afternoon tea.

Register to go into the draw to win an emergency kit at  https://www.eventbrite.co.nz/e/orca-emergency-preparedness-expo-tickets-71191161681 or you can register at the door on the day.

For more information email us at onslowcommunityassn@gmail.com.



Khandallah Town Hall, 2pm – 5:30pm, 22 September 2019

ORCA President – Welcome & Introduction 2.00 pm – 2.05 pm
WREMO – Chris Moore (40 mins) 2.05 pm – 2.45pm
·         Hazards in Wellington  
·         Grab & Go bags  
·         Family plans  
·         Camping at home  
·         Water (methods of treating – boil, bleach, chlorine tablets, UV options)  
·         Electronic banking / cash reserve  
·         Access routes to home (map)  
·         Food supply  
·         Emergency Hub Guide  
ORCA Committee Ron Zoest – Emergency Hub VHF Receiver Radio (5 mins) 2.45pm – 2.50 pm
WELLINGTON WATER – Nick Hewitt (15 mins) 2.50pm – 3.05 pm
·         Water (Day 0-7) – water tanks  
·         Emergency water (Day 8+)  
·         Emergency water locations (map)  
·         Emergency water access  
·         Khandallah Town Hall tank water  
RED CROSS WELLINGTON – Marcus Bird or rep. (15 mins) [3.05 pm-3.20 pm]
·         Red Cross Hazards Smartphone App  
·         Disaster recovery  
·         Injuries likely in an event  
·         Prescriptions and medicine access and storage in an event  
·         First Aid Kit contents  
·         First Aid Courses  
VIEWING OF EXHIBITS / AFTERNOON TEA (20 mins) [3.20 pm – 3.40pm]
URBAN SEARCH & RESCUE (USAR) – Duncan Henry (15 mins) [ 3.40pm – 3.55pm
·         The organisation  
·         What they do  
·         When they do it  
·         How they do it  
·         How you can join  

3.55pm – 4.20pm

WHAT YOU NEED IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY .  Stephen McGlaughlin, SURVIVE-IT   (15 mins)  4.20pm – 4.35pm
·         General discussion on the use of safety products after an event  
·         Hygiene  
    How to make a composting toilet

ORCA Member – Fiona Calderwood talking on compost toilets (10 mins)

 4.35pm – 4.45 pm
SAFETY & SECURITY in an event (New Zealand Police) (15 mins)                                                                                                      4.45pm – 5:00pm
Closing Messages 5:00pm – 5:02pm
MORE VIEWING OF EXHIBITS – Mix and talk to exhibitors (30 mins) 5.00 pm – 5.30pm





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