Khandallah Park Annual Community Picnic

Following on from the successful centennial of Khandallah Park last year, the Onslow Community Residents’ Association along with other community groups created a new tradition for our community with the Annual Summer Picnic in Khandallah Park. 

The picnic this year was  held on Saturday, 22 February from 11 – 1:30pm coinciding with the opening of  KAT’s play Pirate Jean the Mean Queen at 1:30pm.  The theme of the day was of course PIRATES with a fancy dress parade, a treasure hunt, (fake) pirate tattoos  and a Pirate Photo Board for would be young pirates to have their photo taken.

There was free entry to Khandallah Pool, food stalls, old fashioned races and games and live lunchtime entertainment provided by the Onslow College Music Department.  The wall of doom, catch a duck in the pond and bubble blowing and splat the rat games proved popular too.

Many thanks to all who helped organise and run the event including Cr. Diane Calvert (community information tent), our Pirate Master of Ceremonies and Rotary Kaukau member, Brett Hudson, Jillian Carpenter and Michelle Soper from KAT, Toni Shanks from Healthy Futures and of course ORCA members Nicola McFaull (picnic organiser), Shirley and Gary Morrison (cupcales, signs and everything else!) Wilma Sherwin (cupcakes stall), Lawrence Collingbourne and Greg O’Connor, our Local MP (for helping the kids create amazing bubbles), Ray Chung and Richard Campbell (sausage sizzle and corn fritters), Tania Thompson (poster design and cupcakes), Kate Gard (the Wall of Doom), Shelley Kinnimonth (First Aid),  Kirstie Hosie (Pirate Wall photographer).

Thanks also to Denise Clements, (WCC Park Ranger), Raj and his team from Khandallah Presbyterian Church (for Wild Pork buns), Healthy Futures Trust (free water and info), Rebecca from the KPC Youth divison (for running the catch-a-duck game), WCC Khandallah Swimming Pool (for free entry to the pool), NZ Fire and Emergency (for the big red fire engine), Predator Free Khandallah (for their great rat trapping stall and running Splat the Rat), Khandallah Arts Theatre (running the tatoo stall and the races), Khandallah School (for lending us the Wall of Doom), Onslow College (for great music,  thank you Mrs Hodges, Brock and Pandora’s Box), Rotary Kauakau (for traffic marshalling), Artist Kay Paget (for the Photo Wall), Paul Anderson from Tommy’s (for taking photos) and all those who helped out on the day.   

Local businesses stepped up to support the event with Khandallah New World, Khandallah Trading Company, Mitre 10 – Crofton Downs, Murray Potts from Harcourts, Mike Pero Mortgages, Cancer Society, Independent Herald, Upstart Magazine and Whitakers Chocolates for their donations and sponsorship.  We are so lucky to have so many community minded organsations in our area.

We look forward to next year’s picnic where our community can get together and enjoy our beautiful park in summer.

If you want to be part of the PICNIC next summer contact us at

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