WCC proposed District Plan

ORCA held a public meeting on 16 August to inform our residents about the WCC proposed District Plan 2022, to hear what the community has to say about it, to empower our residents to make personal submissions and to enable us to reflect our residents’ concerns in our own submission.

About 40 people came to her about the key changes to the plan, to express their own views, to listen to what others say and to ask questions. Our Mayor, Andy Foster, spoke about why the plan was being updated and answered questions.

Key topics included:

  • It is important to submit even on features that you want to keep in the plan
  • Significant Natural areas on private residential property is deferred until a national statement on biodiversity
  • The decision to remove the Rapid Transit System designation on the Johnsonville line reduced permitted development heights from 21m to 11-14m
  • The Local Centre zone at Station Road appears to be wrong
  • The front and side setbacks have been removed from MDRS zones
  • Local Centres can become mostly residential developments with nominal retail presence
  • Residents should decide whether they want any, all or more 14m zones in Khandallah, noting that Ngaio and Crofton Downs have none.

A copy of the presentation for the event is here.

The ORCA submission on the Proposed District Plan is here.

ORCA thanks the Cornerstone Trust for its hospitality and support in making this event possible.

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