Keep Khandallah Pool Open longer

As all Wellingtonians recognise, the end of February is often the time of most settled summer weather, and closing the pool so early in the summer makes little sense. This past summer, the pool closed right at the height of its most popular use. A discussion on the Khandallah Community Noticeboard in March resulted in the most popular and commented conversation of the year, with unanimous support for the idea.

I have created a WCC e-petition, which is separate and distinct from any long term plans Council has to upgrade or invest in the pool. It requests a simple extension for the pool to remain open until Easter, and is happy to ensure that this can be done in a cost neutral way by delaying the opening of the pool in December, or through other imaginative means. If one of the options is to keep the pool open only at weekends, or in the afternoons after school, then that is also preferable to the present closure date.

The petition currently has 236 signatures, making it one of the most popular petitions on the Council website over the last decade, and the most popular petition focused on an issue pertaining to a single suburb. It is open to the 23rd May and my target is to reach 500 signatures.

John McGrath

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