Onslow Community Response to COVID-19

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We are now in the Eliminate phase of the COVID-19 response.  This we hope will break the chain of infection and protect us all, especially the older and vulnerable ones in our community.

This time of isolation can be stressful for people, especially those that live alone or are vulnerable.  Kindness is an incredibly powerful way to show you are united against COVID-19. Now is the time to think about not just looking after yourself but checking on your neighbours through email or phone.

You can make a huge difference by:

  • Checking in on older relatives, neighbours, those who live alone and vulnerable people over the phone, to make sure they have everything they need. Remember the government suggests people over 60 stay away from supermarkets.
  • Talking to friends, whānau and neighbours over the phone to see how they are and if they need support.
  • Dropping essential supplies, like food or medications, to those at home. You can leave them outside the gate.  If you are helping run errands or deliver shopping, don’t forget to disinfect hard or plastic objects first so you and the person you are helping stay safe.
  • More information can be found at https://covid19.govt.nz/
  • For Wellington based information – https://wellington.govt.nz/about-wellington/emergency-management/civil-emergency-news-and-information/covid-19

These kinds of connections and offers of help will go a long way to getting others through COVID-19.

Connect with those on your street

We are encouraging our residents to set up Neighbourhood Support Groups on their street.  Shout out to those who already have one or are in the process of doing this.  This is what we suggest you do:

  • Identify a person who is willing to be the Street Co-ordinator (please email us to let us know who you are)
  • Identify people who are vulnerable – drop off attached helping flyer in letter boxes as you go for your daily walk.
  • Keep in touch – start a telephone tree, Street facebook page, a zoom neighbourhood meeting.

Why don’t you give it ago?

Please do keep in touch with ORCA if you have concerns or need help.

You can email us at onslowcommunityassn@gmail.com or call us on:

  • Nicola McFaull: 0274 511 366
  • Ray Chung on 021 338 811
  • Lawrence Collingbourne  021 750 633

If we pull together we will get through this challenging time. All the best and please stay safe.

Kia kaha – Social solidarity with physical distance


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